Al Barij International LLC    البارج الدوليه ش.م.م


Business Services - Corporate Finance - Private Equity - Project Development

Al Barij (pronounced Al Baa-ridge) is an Arabic word that means an expert seaman.  Al Barij is a private equity and corporate finance firm which specializes in corporate turn-arounds.  As the name suggests, Al Barij uses its expertise to assist distressed companies to safely negotiate the rough seas and guides them into safer and calmer waters.   

Business Services

We provide all types of business services including company incorporation, business development, feasibility studies and other related services.

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Private equity

As one of the leading private equity firms in Oman, we specialize in buy-outs of businesses that are under-performing or in need of a change in direction.

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Project Development

We provide professional services to local and international clients for development of new projects. This includes starting from an idea and concept to reality.

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